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Computer Consultants & Services
Unix, BSD, Linux, Internet, etc.

Deutsch auch: Leitender Consultant & ver. Firma Associates in München seit 1985.

Would You Prefer Native English Speaking Internet Support ?

  • Internet services & support available from from native English speakers, inc. English consultants in Munich, & bilingual associates with English company.
  • Yes we speak German too when you want. smiley face icon
  • Servers & consultants available in the middle of Europe: Munich, Germany etc. (Good Internet connectivity with a major airport nearby.)
  • English flexibility:
    • No need to waste your time adapting to formal German ways: searching German providers' web pages, full of opaque tariffs, forms & verbose standard German contract terms.
    • Transatlantic & other international companies seeking a European base are often torn between two opposing requirements:
      • A Geographically central European location & is attractive for time zone, travel & logistics etc.
        (BTW Do not think there's only a 1 hour time difference between eg London & Munich offices: There's about 2 hours 30 minutes difference ! City of London offices aren't reliably answerable till about 09:30 GMT; whereas many Munich businesses are staffed by 08:00 CET (= 07:00 GMT))
      • A UK or Eire base is attractive for international native English language & flexible business practices (versus continental European languages & culture & more rigid legal & business habits).
    • Why not use us for Both flexible English in central Europe.
  • No limits on what we & associates can provide; Phone or Email to discuss.
  • Tell us in English or German what Technical Consultant services, support & development etc you need. (If it's not our expertise, we try to to suggest others you could contact).

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