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Sprechen wir Deutsch ? Ja ! unser installateur ist Deutsch.

What We Can Offer

What We Do Not Offer

  • No credit to purchase goods. Either:
    • Pay us cash in advance for hardware you want us to buy for you,
    • Or Come with us to shop/supplier & pay direct,
    • Or, Establish you own credit account at suppliers & authorise us to & order hardware for you.)
    • Purchase hardware yourself (subject to our technical advice).
  • We do not sell or trade hardware & goods for profit.
  • We do not buy in bulk from wholesalers, & do not carry stock to sell on.
  • We do not compete with hardware sellers on web, in magazines, or shops etc.
  • We do Not chase cheapest hardware, that may be problematic, eg lower performance, untested, or have deficient or no BSD drivers etc.
  • We do not take commissions from vendors.
  • We do not take ownership of hardware
  • We are not liable for hardware guarantees
  • We do not deal with your defetective hardware returns.
  • We do not sell software licences, Determine yourself if the software you require might require licensing for your type of usage in your legal jurisdiction. Read licences in the source code. We may offer advice, if know.
  • We do not provide software patent cover etc. (we deprecate software patents).
  • We provide no guarantee for 3rd party software, nor accept liability for it.
  • We do not guarantee your hardware. Buy it direct yourself from vendor, or if we buy it on your behalf, we give you the receipts, endorsing it as purchased on your behalf. ( Best give us name & address before, soon enough so shops can print it straight on bills when bought)
  • We do not store your packing material. You get it for if you need to do a guarantee return to shop. (We are not a dealer subject to German law requiring storage of packaging for years).
  • If you require more functionality consult eg IBU

Enquiries in English or German

  • Email pc-bsd@ (not pc-bsd_ERASE_@) us your Name, Tel No, Company, & approximate project size, eg number of PCs or hours/ weeks/ Euros budget available ).
  • Email in Ascii Plain Text. Avoid sending HTML & PDF & MS .DOC etc mail as spam filters may discard it unseen.
  • Phone too please, as email can get lost in spam.
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